Week 5

This week we went to Belfast, Ireland, and  we’re pretty excited. We knew we would not have been able to see all the scenery Ireland has to offer by public transportation, so we reserved a seat in a Game of Thrones tour. This tour takes you to all the spots where the show was filmed on the North coast of Ireland, and it was amazing. I also forgot to mention that I missed my flight… do NOT let that happen to you! Be early to your flight time about 2 hours early because it is one of the worst feelings. We missed it by only a few minutes, after running through the whole airport and I have never been more frustrated. We had to pay 100 euros to get another flight to Dublin, not Belfast (our original flight), and had to wait for 7 hours until the next flight. It was very irritating, but it was worth it in the end. I highly recommend visiting Ireland if you get a chance, as it has the most beautiful scenery I have ever witnessed.IMG_0505.JPG