Week 2- Learning the Ropes

Luckily when I moved in to my flat in the student dorm Eichkamp, one of my roommates Maria had already been living there the previous semester. She was extremely helpful in teaching me how to survive in Berlin! She already had WiFi (which is like having Gold here in Germany), she already had plates, cups, you name it. She showed me where to go to buy groceries and Nick, Lu, and I made our first trip to the market.

The markets here are completely different than what we are used to back in the states. They are much smaller and each different market sells different products than another. Since we have no cars, we had to bring reusable bags and carry all of our groceries as we’re walking through the market. When we were ready to pay, we quickly learned that German cashiers move way faster than we’re used to. It’s expected to gather all of your food as it’s being scanned and be prepared to pay as soon as they are done. It was so funny to see the three of us struggle to keep up with the cashier, but luckily she understood it was our first time and was helpful to us.

Maria left to travel and the three of us had no one with experience to ask about things that we needed. So the three of us would take the subway and learn the times of arrival and especially where each station connected. This is extremely important to get around Berlin but it’s something that can be learned very quickly. So far so good!