Week 3- Prague

What can I say about this city? One word: Beautiful. It feels like you’re walking through a fairytale when you walk through this city. The streets are narrow, the buildings are tall and beautiful, and the city is so diverse. Nick and I went solo on this trip, and we were able to meet a few very nice people along the way. During the day, we visited the usual tourist spots, enjoyed the sun, and had some drinks. At every corner there is someone playing music, singing, or just performing for the people on the street. It’s such a lively city and it was a welcome change of scenery from cold Berlin.

During the night, Nick and I booked a pub crawl through our hostel and it was definitely a night to remember. We happened to come across some people from Los Angeles (what are the chances, right?) and I was so relieved to meet some west coast Americans who actually understand the way I speak! We hung out at a few different themed bars, and finished the night off at a five story club along the river in the center of the city. The club was amazing and the music was great. Somehow I made it back to the hostel and woke up with a night of great memories.

I can’t recommend Prague enough to you future travelers, you won’t regret it!