Week 5- Semester Starts

After a whole month of parties, traveling, and of course lots of drinking, it was time to get back to the real world and prepare for school. Registering for classes was a pretty easy experience and I was accepted into all the classes that I applied for. One thing that I wasn’t ready for was the fact that each class meets only once per week,  but for 4 hours at a time. It seems like something that can be bearable at first glance, but trust me its a lot harder than you think. The good thing about this scheduling is that even though I have 5 classes, I only go 3 days per week with Mondays and Fridays off, which is perfect for more traveling.

The weekend of our first week of school, there was a party thrown for all the exchange students at a nearby club. This was fun for me and all of my friends from my dorm to go out and meet other international students throughout Berlin. I met a lot of people that night and overall had an awesome time with people who are all sharing the same experience as myself. It was a nice night to kick off the semester!