Week 6 – Browsin’ Berlin


My sixth week in Europe was surprisingly my first weekend I stayed in Berlin, as my classes finally started on April 3rd. Having traveled for more than a month already, I realized I needed to finally explore the city I live in. Fortunately, the cold weather I had been avoiding in Berlin went away and gave me a taste of what warm weather Berlin felt like. Some friends and I went to a riverside park near Landwehrkanal to relax and enjoy a few beers.  The day made me look forward to the summer months in Germany when the weather will clear up for the beer gardens and day clubs. The nightlife in Berlin is absolutely mind-boggling, as people here do not go out until 1 A.M. and do not come home until the sun rises. There are too many clubs and bars to choose from in Berlin, so I do not think I will get bored in this city. With another month of travel weekends ahead, I will not have another weekend in Berlin until May.