Week 7- Snowing in Spring

When you think of spring you normally think of the weather getting steadily warmer, all the leaves turning green, and the sky clearing up to let the sun out. Unfortunately the beginning of spring here in Berlin has been quite the opposite. The past week had me feeling pretty lazy as it rained almost every day and even snowed on Monday morning! It was the type of weather that makes you want to stay in and forget about all the things that you needed to get done that day.

I took advantage of the less than perfect weather and used this downtime to get ahead on some of my school responsibilities that way I can have more free time to travel in the coming months. I feel like I should be traveling more, but I think it’ll be worth it to finish all of my assignments early and have fun later than to have to rush at the end of the semester and travel now, but we will see how it works out.

We ended the weekend by going to an international student party at a club called Kink International. This was one of my favorite nights that I’ve had in Berlin this far! Almost everyone I knew from school and our dorms had gone out and there was tons of people to meet. The DJ played some of the best music I’ve heard in Berlin so far (solid Hip Hop DJ’s are hard to come by from my experience) and overall it was just a great night. I think I’m getting used to coming home at 8-9am every morning after the clubs now!