Week 8- King’s Day in Amsterdam

This weekend I went with a couple of friends to Amsterdam for their biggest holiday, King’s Day. I arrived a day before the festivities and Nick and I were able to explore the city before all of the madness took place. My first impression of the city is that it is so lively with all of the people wandering the streets and cars and bikes passing through the crowded roads. However, as you start to move out of the central touristy spots, you will soon find the true beauty of Amsterdam. The countless canals are the staple of Amsterdam, and it is so easy to get lost in the city because much of it looks so alike. For the first day, just walking around and taking in the vibe of Amsterdam was the perfect experience for me.

On King’s Day, the rest of our group arrived in Amsterdam that morning and we were able to meet up before joining the festival. As we arrived in the central station and walked out, it was immediately clear that staying together was going to be a problem. The streets were full of orange, people already drunk and partying in the streets, DJ’s playing music at every corner, it was definitely a sight to see. I’ve never experienced such a huge movement by an entire city at once and it was very nice to see.

The rest of our days in Amsterdam consisted of meeting with the other exchange students in the city, visiting the beautiful Vondelpark, and going to bars/nightclubs in the evening. Overall, I feel like Amsterdam is the perfect destination for those who want to just experience a different type of city life than what is seen as normal and I really enjoyed my time there.