Week 8 – Springfest in Munich

IMG_3329 (1)

This week I had the pleasure to visit Munich, Germany, for Springfest – a celebration beer, food, and good vibes. I met up with some of my friends from San Diego State University, many of which I will not see again until I fly back to San Diego in late July. It was a great send off, to say the least – our days consisted of drinking tall pints of beer, indulging in tasty fair food, and enjoying nausea-inducing festival rides. Being much smaller than Berlin, it made me appreciate how large and exciting of a city I live in for my study abroad time. The beer tents at Springfest were hectic, as everyone rushed in to snag a table in time for the first drinks. While many of my friends bought the overpriced lederhosen for the weekend, I’m glad I gave my bank account a break and settled for a versatile red plaid shirt. It might have cost me the chance for the perfect Springfest Instagram, but I’ll take the one hundred euro savings. Even though everyone and their mothers drank all day and afternoon, the nightlife was surprisingly a good time as well. A club called Neuraum we went to the first night was such a good time that we went there the rest of the nights in Munich. If Springfest is “the little sister of Oktoberfest”, I could not even imagine what Oktoberfest is like. If I have advice for Springfest and Oktoberfest goers, it is to not cheers your pint glasses too forcefully – they are much more fragile than they look!