Relaxing week

IMG_0769.JPGThis week is just a relaxing week before next week which I am going to Amsterdam for the first time. Not only am I going to the Netherlands to visit, but on kings day weekend. This is supposedly like Dutch Mardi Gras and I’m very excited.
Anyways, this week was nothing too crazy because I had a presentation that went okay. I forgot that I had to send my essay to the professor on the Saturday before my presentation, however she was lineant since I volunteered to present first. School here is very different compared to back home. First of all, they do not take as many tests and give out homework everyday… which is pretty refreshing. I feel as though I learn more when I am not forced to do homework and submit them by short due dates. Also, when we have tests frequently, it seems like I forget the stuff immediately after I regurgitate it on the test. It is also interesting to finally learn about the European Union, which I never really understood. I also enjoy having discussions in class and hearing perspectives from many different cultures to avoid an ethnocentric point of view.
I forgot to mention that this week it snowed!! In spring, mid to late April, it was freezing cold and snowing. It was insane, I was going to school and it was snowing while I was walking to the station. I only went three stations down to charlottenburg to switch to the u-Bahn, and it was sunny outside! It was one of the strangest yet fascinating things I have seen. The weekend consisted of just hanging out with friends and staying inside because it was so cold.