London week 9

This is the week of London. I am very excited to go because it’s one of those tourist places I feel like you have to go… it was.
However, the story behind the images are not always what they seem. I honestly feel like I do not have the best of luck when traveling. That being said, the flight was a smooth one and went by much quicker than I expected. However, when we arrived at the airport, it turns out that our hostel booking was cancelled because my friend’s card did not have enough money on it. So, after receiving this email, he calls and asks what happened and they told him that it was cancelled and given to someone else. This occurred before we even went through the visa check line. This caused a lot of immediate frustration as you can imagine. He asked the hostel staff if there was anything available or any way they can help us… but no luck. So after a few minutes of anger and stress, we decide to look for another hostel. I was even considering couchsurfing which seems a bit dangerous, but we had nowhere to stay. After a while we found a hostel, and luckily it so happened that it was the same one our friends were gonna meet us at a couple days later. I guess it actually worked out better than we thought it would. It took us around 2 hours to get to the main city, then 30 minutes on the bus to get to the hostel. The hostel was nice with friendly staff, and was even a bar downstairs. The first two days we did all the main tourist attractions, and even rode bikes in the streets of London which was hectic. Hyde park is probably the nicest park I have ever seen. It is enormous and everything is nice and green, small lakes with animals, and happy people. We also saw many underground spots that tourists are not aware of. On the last day we just relaxed and hung around the city. We also went to Five Guys which was the most satisfying meal I have had since being in Berlin. I have not had American food in so long and it was shocking to see a legit burger place in London, so we had to take advantage. My Portuguese friend Diogo had it for the first time and he was so excited to try authentic American burgers and a milkshake, it made me happy. He also took us to a Portuguese restaurant later that night and it was amazing, the culture is very similar to Mexican culture back home. Overall, London is a beautiful city with great views, buildings, friendly and happy people, and overall great atmosphere. My next adventure coming up is Barcelona which I cannot wait for!IMG_1068.JPG