Week 9- London

This past weekend I spent in one of the biggest, most beautiful cities I have ever seen, London. There is so much history and culture within this city and you can literally spend days just reading about it all in its many museums. One thing I find most interesting about the city is the mix between old, historic architecture and modern, innovative buildings throughout the city. At one point you feel as if you’re truly living the London experience and the next you feel as if you’re in a completely different city.

We spent our first day seeing all of the main tourist attractions such as Big Ben, the London Eye, and Hyde Park. I think the sheer size of all of London’s historic monuments is what is really captivating. All of the little details that go into creating these massive buildings really made me wonder just how they did it. Our second day we sought out to see the less well-known spots in London. One of my favorite parts about that day was the Waterloo tunnel, a literal tunnel under a subway station where graffiti artists are free to spray paint their art onto the walls of the tunnel without the fear of being arrested. There was so many beautiful pieces showcased along the tunnel walls and even people creating art right in front of us.

Our last day was one of my favorite days of the entire trip. We spent most of the day relaxing as we had seen most of the city by then. At Trafalgar Square, we met some Brazilian people who had been living in London for 2 years and they invited us to hang out with them. We spent a better part of our day sharing stories and just enjoying the company of strangers and I’ll never forget that feeling. We also had went out to eat at Five Guys, a popular burger restaurant back in San Diego, and I started to miss home again. Next weekend is Barcelona for my birthday, hopefully I survive!