The suns coming out!

IMG_1172.JPGThis week was nothing too special, but it was special. As I go through the weeks, I am noticing how much different the university experience is when studying abroad. Professors are much more lenient with exchange students, especially because they know most of them come to travel and explore Europe. Attendance is mandatory in some courses, however they are very understanding in regards to traveling. On Monday, I had just got back from London. I had a flight in the morning so that way I would be able to make my 12pm class which is mandatory. However, the visa check line could not have taken any longer, it seemed as if they were harassing everybody. German airports are tough. So many questions are asked when you enter these airports, it honestly feels like you are getting interrogated. It turns out there is one more document that we needed in order to stay for our exchange. I ended up being late to my class by an hour, but my teacher likes me and was lenient about it.
It turns out that this other document that we needed to stay in Berlin is not very easy to get. One of my friends told me she waited 10 hours in order to receive the visa which does not even make sense. The DMV without an appointment is not even that bad. Although I waited from 12am-1030am to get my visa, it was not all that bad because of the people I was with. Besides having to wait 5 hours in the cold berlin night hours, we brought jenga and music to make it a tolerable experience. I now have my visa, so i will not yet deported back to the states which is a great feeling.
The weather is now beginning to be clear, warm, sunny, and it could not be any better. We can now go outside and enjoy the weather, I was getting very tired of the cold already. People actually look happy and want to be outside enjoying the sun, which is a refreshing feeling considering it has been dull and rainy since I’ve been here. On Sunday evening we were outside throwing the football around in hopes that other people would come… and it worked. Everyone was hanging out, throwing the football and frisbee, listening to music, and just enjoying each other’s company. It was honestly one of my favorite moments while being here in Berlin and I cannot wait for there to be more days like this.