Week 10- 21st in Barcelona

This weekend I spent my 21st birthday in Barcelona. I had met some people in Los Angeles that lived in Barcelona so we had planned to meet with them and hang out while we were there. What can I say about Barcelona though? Honestly, it was the closest thing to home since I have been in Europe. The feeling of being able to walk around in a shirt and shorts with the sun in the sky after spending months in cold Berlin was amazing.

Our first day there we spent some time sightseeing and enjoying the weather. We met up in the nighttime with our Spanish friends and had a birthday dinner at a very nice Italian restaurant near the center of the city. After the dinner, a few of us went to a local university for a big party in the middle of a parking structure at the school. It was definitely one f the more interesting parties I’ve been to. The second day consisted of more exploring and visiting the beach. That night, we went to a popular club called Razzmatazz, which is probably the coolest club I’ve been to yet. The best part is that night they played a lot of hip hop, something that is not very common in Berlin, so it was a nice treat.

The next day we visited a friend Mireia at her grandparents house in Cabrils. I have never set foot on such nice property in my life! The house sits high up in a mountain neighborhood, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Catalonia, and from the pool you can see the ocean in the distance. We had a get together with our friends and had traditional Catalonian food. It was amazing!

Our last day consisted of visiting Costa Brava. I have no words for how beautiful this place is. Pictures will not do it justice, if you ever come to Barcelona you need to witness this with your own eyes! We hiked from a small beach village to a hidden rocky beach and had lunch there. We went cliff jumping off a man made diving board off some rocks near the beach, and even drove up to the top of the mountain to see Costa Brava in its entirety. Overall, Barcelona has been my favorite trip to date, and I’m so thankful to have friends there to make this a truly unique experience!