IMG_1464It is finally the week of Barcelona, which means I get to finally see the beach..: which I am beyond excited about. We are also celebrating Isaiah’s birthday on this trip. In addition, we are meeting our friends from Barcelona whom we met last year through our friend Cesar who is attending UCLA. Last year, Cesar did an exchange program and met some people in Barcelona that he became very close with. So when he came back to LA, the students from Barcelona came to do their studies for six weeks. In one weekend while the exchange students were in LA, Cesar brought them to his home, which is down the road from my house. He wanted my group of friends and I to meet them because he said they were great people and we would get along with them, and we did. These were the most kind, friendly, and down to earth people I have ever met, and we connected automatically. After hanging out with them for the weekend in San Diego and a few times in LA, we told them we had been really considering studying abroad in Spain. They were beyond excited with the news, telling us we can stay with them and get a special tour of their city.
After telling them we were gonna visit them, they were just as excited as we were. The plan was to spend six days in Barcelona, and hangout with our friends. The first day consisted of the main tourist attractions that are in Barcelona: La sagrada familia, Barcelona beach, parks, etc. Then, later that day, we reunited with them for dinner after meeting with one of them at the university. They are very busy students just like us, so it was a bit difficult to find a time that fits everyone’s schedule. I forgot to mention that they are Catalonian, which means they get very offended if you call them Spanish, due to them wanting to separate from the Spanish government. After the dinner, my friend Felipe took us to a party hosted by his university, and it was pretty intense. There was a dj, a bar, police standing guard, and many students who were all against the Spanish government. Many of them chanted phrases against Spain, which was very interesting, because people mostly only think about the beaches when Barcelona comes to mind. However, I had a lot of fun, and it was a cool experience to see this kind of event that no student tourist would be able to see without knowing someone. The next day we went to see park guell and the port area of the city. Later that night, we went to see a dj that we like, who is famous in the states, at a club called razzmatazz. This was a fun night, and when we came out of the club, we went straight to the beach and caught the sunrise which was one of those bucket list things that made the trip that much better. The next day, my friend was having a party to celebrate her birthday, and she invited the whole group. So we travel a little over an hour to meet her at the station close to her grandfathers summer house, where she was having the party. Let alone, the train commute was even a beautiful sight to see, riding along the clear blue coast. When she takes us to her grandfathers house, I am in awe. This place is huge! It has several front lawns with a electric gate, a pool, a few gathering areas, a playground, a huge house, a racquetball court, and a stunning view of the coast. I felt as if I was in a famous persons home, in a completely different place than all the places I have seen in Barcelona. Following the party, we go to my friend’s father’s Italian restaurant in the area, and it was the best Italian food I have eaten since being in Europe. It turns out that this village that we spent the day in, is the second richest in the region of Catalan. This explained why everything was so fancy. Following that we went to a club in the downtown area of this village. This was the most interesting variety of music I have heard since throughout the time of my exchange. It went from rock to dubstep, reggaeton, pop, and literally any well known songs you can think of. That was fun as well. It took us a while to make it to the train station because we had to walk, but we all made it to the hostel safely. The next day, Sunday, we woke up very late, we just relaxed all day and did a little more walking around the city because we had to be up early the next day. Tomorrow our friend mireia is taking us to Costa Brava, which is the place all of our friends recommended the most. The place looks amazing in pictures, and I cannot wait!