IMG_1464Monday morning: time to go to costa brava! It’s one of those places that you see in brochures and are like wow how do I get there? Anyways, we’re meeting mireia at 10:30 am in order to drive to the spot she wants us to see. The drive was a quick one, about an hour and a half, but the view was gorgeous before we even arrived. Walking up to the beach after we parked the car was surreal, not only cause I finally am walking to the beach, but it is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. I cannot describe the feeling of being at the beach after not having gone for so long. Feeling the cool water on my skin, and the wind blowing against my face, was immensely refreshing. We hiked for about 40 minutes to get to this amazing private beach that was south of the first spot where we arrived. We had a picnic, hung out, and even did some rock climbing to explore this hidden area on the side of where we were sitting. After, we went to another village that was north of the first beach. This was a small, touristy/ local village with a perfect view and good ice cream. This day could not have been better, and it was the icing to the cake of this trip.
Surprisingly, going back to Berlin on Tuesday was smooth, considering we didn’t get harassed at the visa check line because we did not go through it.
I did not get to sleep before my class that day, and I was exhausted. Also, I had to pack because I was leaving to Vienna the next day. These trips that have been close to each other have been tiring, but way worth the fatigue.
After class, I had to get ready for the bus ride to Vienna. We left at 11pm and arrived at 8:15am. This city was cool, a lot of nice buildings and parks. One day in Vienna is perfect in my opinion, just to check out the main spots of the city. We then went to the bus station because we had a bus ride at 9pm to go to Budapest until Sunday. This was a short ride, we got there about 11:30pm. After catching the very last bus, we were on the way to the hostel. The hostel was in a street right off the main strip, and I could immediately tell that it was a party city. Walking towards the hostel, I can hear music, see people stumbling everywhere in the streets, and taxis everywhere. Our hostel is considered a “party” hostel, and they have a large bar/dance area downstairs filled with people dancing and drinking. It was hard to sleep with some of the people in the room, but it wasn’t all that bad. We had no energy to go out, and we did a walking tour the next morning, so we just went to sleep. The walking tour was enjoyable, especially cause we didn’t have to find everything on our own. On top of that, we were taken to an awesome view of the city from the mountain. After the tour, we went to another mountain that had an even better view. This city is beautiful during the day and night, and anyone who enjoys a spot to relax and enjoy a view will love it. After getting back to the hostel and eating, we decide to go out to a Latin club down the street. Although it was a bit crowded, it was fun to be at a club and not hear techno for however many hours consistently. On Saturday, we went to the thermal baths after having breakfast downstairs from the hostel. This place was like a huge outdoor castle with many pools inside it, a lot of people, and chairs everywhere to get a tan. We tanned a little, then went in the pools because it was too hot. We then left because we were starving, and walked a different route towards the hostel. We ended up in what seemed to be a fair in the park for kids, with food and activities everywhere for the children. We actually ate there because we finally found traditional Hungarian food that was decently priced and looked good. Later, we relaxed at the hostel before going out for a walk at night to see the city lights. We walked and talked for a long time and lost track of it because the view was too perfect not to stay and watch. Following the long walk back home of being tired, we just decided to sleep since we had our bus in the morning. In the morning, we made it to the station on time, but something didn’t seem right because we didn’t see our bus. So about 5 minutes before the departure I asked an employee where it was, and it turns out across the street. So we run over, and we’re very lucky that we made it on time with three minutes to spare. The bus ride was about 13 hours, which is wasting a whole day and not very fun, but the weekend was worth it.