Week 11- WCD & Karneval

This weekend we bought tickets for a festival in Frankfurt called World Club Dome. We arrived in Frankfurt on Friday and spent some time in the city before heading to the venue. Frankfurt itself is definitely not the best city in Germany, as it’s mainly a business city with skyscrapers and it’s a bit dirty. However, the festival itself was a great time and it was a cool experience to be at a festival with a mainly German audience. We met a lot of cool people and saw some great artists playing.

On Saturday we returned to Berlin and visited the Karneval Der Kultures. It is one of the biggest festivals in Berlin that happens in June. Myself and a big group of other international students all took to the streets of Kreuzberg to join in the celebration. The streets were closed off and there was endless rows of shops and food stands with food and drink from every country imaginable. At certain areas there were also different styles of music, and we spent a lot of time both at the Black Atlantica stage, which played reggae, as well as the techno stage. It was a great experience seeing how diverse Berlin is as a city, and how everyone could come together and enjoy each others cultures without any issues.

It was also nice to finally go out with a big group of international students. Recently many of us have been travelling around to other countries, but this time around most of us we’re here to join in the celebration. It’s starting to hit all of us that our time left here is short, and, at least for me, I want to enjoy the company of all these people that I have come to be friends with and enjoy they’re company as much as possible. For the next couple months I only have a few trips planned because Berlin during the summer is a must and I definitely want to enjoy this city that I can now call my home!