Karneval weekend!

This weekend is yet another exciting weekend that I have been waiting for! School is going well, it is basically the calm before the storm in regards to final exams and essays that will be coming pretty soon. The weather is usually bipolar, but for the most part, has been nice and warm.

Back to the weekend… two festivals actually. About two months ago my friends and I had bought tickets to a music festival on Friday in Frankfurt, Germany because we had wanted to see a specific artist, marshmello. Well it turned out that this dj was not gonna perform on the day that we had bought tickets for, which was pretty disappointing. However, you always have to make the best of the situation. It had been a long time since I attended a large music festival, because festivals and clubs are much different in Berlin. It was also a nice getaway from techno music, where you never get to sing lyrics, just a constant booming bass sound.

The bus ride was about 7 hours, and when we arrived, we still had to wait 8 hours for the start of the festival. The festival was fun even though it ended early, but at the same time I was exhausted. It was an exciting feeling to be able to sing lyrics and dance with other people who enjoy the music. Besides that, Frankfurt is not really a place I recommend to visit in Germany. It is a bit dirty, and nothing really exciting to see. Following the festival, after eating McDonald’s, we had to wait 7 hours for our bus ride in the morning, which was not too pleasant. We ended up sleeping on the sidewalk in front of the flixbus office because we did not get a hostel and did not know where to go. I didn’t sleep at all because I had to watch over my friends as well as our belongings. So I stayed up the whole time in the cold, with a tank top on, and hungry because there were no places open that late. These type of things happen in Europe, so always be ready when things go south, if they do. Nevertheless, I survived and was able to sleep on the bus even though it wasn’t much.

We arrived back in Berlin on Saturday at about 4pm, and we were exhausted. However, the kulture karneval was this same weekend, where there is a huge collection of cultures that gather and share things like food, music, and dancing. So 2 hours after arriving, we were already going back out with our friends to the karneval. The karneval was a lot of fun, good music, food, and many people who were happy and dancing. They had quite a few stages where everyone would go and dance and enjoy themselves. I love that Berlin always has something to do every weekend. Honestly, you can’t be bored in this city because I can promise you will always find something. I’ll have to catch up on sleep when I go back to the states, because I am definitely not doing that here.IMG_1732.JPG