My friends are here!

This week is exciting because my friends are coming! When I first told my friends about coming to berlin, they were all proud and happy for me, and I wish they could come with me. However, knowing that wasn’t possible, I told them to come visit me because we had always talked about going to Europe. They said they were up for it, but I wasn’t sure if they would actually be able to pull it off, and they did. My friends were scheduled to arrive on Friday, June 9th, so the anticipation was getting to me because I missed them. During the week, we had a dinner with the top floor of haus 11 and the fourth floor. I always spend my time in the fourth floor kitchen, so I pretty much live in that flat. This dinner was fun, and it made me think about how much I’m going to miss the exchange and the people in it.
I had told everyone I know that I would be having a party for the arrival of my friends, and they were excited too.
I knew my friends would struggle when they got to Germany because there was nine of them and none of them had data on their phones, so it was going to be difficult. However, after going in the wrong direction to pick them up from the train station, we had found them. It was such a great and funny feeling to see them look lost and waiting for us at the station. When I actually saw them and ran up to them, it was the best feeling, it was like we picked up right where we left off. We had a great weekend. We had to make 10 people including myself, fit into three small dorm rooms, but made it work. Me and Isaiah showed them all around the city, and gave them a little behind the scenes of the city that many tourists do not get, because they were only here a few days. Even though I wish they could’ve stayed longer, I really enjoyed every moment with them. They were going to leave on Tuesday to Paris, but we didn’t end up going with them because the next weekend is when I am going to Croatia for my birthday. I can’t wait for them to experience some of europes beauty.IMG_1822