Week 12- Split, Croatia

Nick and I decided to make a trip to Croatia for his birthday and so we both agreed that split would be the way to go. After being recommended a hostel that is supposed to be the “best hostel in split” and seeing its 5 star rating, we were able to contact the owner and see if we could get a spot for the weekend. He made some room for us and before I knew it I was walking the streets of downtown Split.

We took a bus from Zadar to Split for about 2 hours, and when we first arrived the weather was not very good. We caught a lot of fog and cloudy skies as we got closer to Split, and the weather was very muggy. However as we made it to the hostel and left our stuff, the weather began to clear up and we began to see how beautiful Split really is.

The highlight of the trip was the hostel owner Joško and his day trip to the Krka waterfalls and the Castle. Because the hostel only has 12 people, it’s very easy to make relationships with the other tenants and even Joško himself. He makes it a point to learn everyone’s name and remember little things about them. He took about 10-12 of us in his van on a day trip to the Krka waterfalls as well as the Castle. The Krka waterfalls were like. Itching I’ve ever seen before. The water was so clear and refreshing to swim in after a warm day’s hike through the forest. After spending time in the water and relaxing on the grass with everyone we made our way to the castle.

Joško knows a lot of people in Split, so he gets hooked up when it comes to his tours. What would have been just a normal visit to the Castle ended up being an experience I’ll never forget. His friend, who happened to also help produce the show Game of Thrones, tought is how to sword fight at the top of the castle. He showed us techniques for attacking and defending, as well as disarming. Then, he thought us archery and we got to practice shooting at the targets. All of this with a beautiful view of the entire city and the surrounding area.

I wholeheartedly recommend visiting Split and specifically staying with Joško at the Split Guesthouse. You will have an amazing time.