This post that I have written here is about one of the main things I’ve been looking forward since the knowledge that I was coming to Europe: going to Croatia. Croatia is one of the places that I heard nothing but good things about, so I had to make sure I went before going back home. I planned this trip a bit last minute to celebrate my birthday which is on Tuesday the 20th. I lagged on this trip because my friend recently had gone to Split, and she was trying to connect me with the awesome hostel she stayed at. After getting in touch with the guy who hosts the hostel, me and three of my friends booked our flights so it was official. I wanted to bring a lot more people with me to celebrate, but I have learned that it’s not a good idea to travel with a lot of people, because conflicts always arise.
We arrived in Croatia quickly and everyone was excited, however, we didn’t realize that the bus that takes us from the airport to the bus station just left and the next one was in 3 hours. We were supposed to take a bus from Zadar, where we landed, to Split, so we took a taxi to the station instead to not waste anymore time. The taxi driver even offered to take us all the way to split at “half-price”, but I wasn’t convinced so I just passed the offer. We almost missed our bus to Split, but we made it just in time and were well on our way. The first thing we wanted to do when arriving was go to the beach, so we did and it was beautiful. We walked a lot and we’re tired, so we decided to not go out because we had a full day planned out for Friday. On Friday, we were going to krka waterfalls in Split, which was highly recommended by my friend, and I was ready to see some nice scenery. The hostel owner, josko, drove us to this place. Josko is the best possible hostel owner, because if it wasn’t for him, this trip would have been very different, and we wouldn’t have known what to do. We also did some bike riding around the city, which was beautiful. On the last night, we went to the top of the mountain with a truly amazing view of the whole city of split. If you’re ever in Europe, go to Croatia, you will not regret it.IMG_2129.JPG