4th of July at the Berlin wall

This week, since I was away from home, and I probably felt the most patriotic and proud of my country more than ever. How to celebrate Independence Day in Berlin, Germany? It’s simple, you go and have a barbecue on the river right in front of the Berlin Wall with all your other American friends on exchange. That is easily one of the coolest things I’ve done in Berlin, and it is the most special 4th I’ve had because it was different from all the other celebrations. So me and some other friends from San Diego got a barbecue, some burgers, a baseball, and celebrated all day right in front of the Berlin Wall, another day I will never forget.
Also that week, the party was formal themed, and everyone put on the nicest clothes they had and it was a blast. I finally got to use the nice button up shirt that I brought, because in Berlin you literally never need to dress up nice for anything, especially clubs. Luckily I got a haircut this week as well, because my Afro was going crazy after not cutting it since before leaving to Berlin. I also explored some other parts of the city, such as potsdamer platz, and the Sony center with two of my closest friends, and we just went wherever we wanted. There’s always a new place to see in Berlin, always.
Every week that I spend more and more time with these people in exchange, the more I appreciate them and the connection we have all developed, turning into a family. What makes the whole exchange experience: the people. IMG_2256.JPG