IMG_2531On the bright side, my brother is here.
Here we go, a bittersweet week towards the end of my exchange. My brother is coming, and I’m stoked, but I have to say goodbye to at least five people. I am saying farewell to people from France, Uruguay, America, England, Scotland, all over the world. I have created great relationships with people from random places, which gives me more of a reason to travel and visit them later on. It’s great to have people tell you “you always have a place to stay at when you visit”, and vice versa. These people are like the family that I got to choose, while on exchange, and I will always be thankful for meeting all of them and the memories we shared.
Now, my brother is coming on Friday and it is time to do another round of tourist attractions around the city before we head out to tomorrowland. It is a bit hard trying to be out and have fun knowing you still have an essay to finish for the semester. However, I showed him the main spots and hidden spots that most tourists don’t get to see. Also, he met all my friends that were still here and liked them and saw how close we have all became, because they are all great people. Now begins the preparation for the most famous music festival in the world: tomorrowland.