The most interesting city in the world

Berlin. New week, new excitements. This was definitely one of the most memorable weeks I’ve had here on this exchange. For example, every Thursday the people in my dorms arrange a party with a theme to it. And in this week, they decided to do a gender bender party. This means guys dress up as girls, and girls dress up guys, so as you can imagine, it was very interesting. My friend had given me her clothes to wear, and as I am putting it on, I’m thinking, “why am I doing this??”. However, it’s part of the whole experience, so I figured why not. When does anyone ever get to say “yeah I studied in Berlin for five months and dressed up as a girl for a party”, not very often. That was a hilarious night, all the girls and guys doing each other’s stereotypes they have of each other. To make things more interesting, we had a wedding in the beach volleyball court at our dorm area. Yes, a wedding, although it wasn’t completely legit. So I have two really good friends in Berlin that became a couple a few months into the exchange. It was his idea to have the wedding, nobody really knows why. However, all their close friends contributed and made it look like a real wedding. I was responsible for being the ring guy, and considering we didn’t have rings, I had to make them. Yup, I made rings out of copper wire, cotton, some glue, and glitter. My friend from France was the “priest”, and even went online to get the certificate 5 minutes before the wedding started. It was a white wedding, and everyone from our dorms showed up, it was amazing. We lined up the isle with tree leaves and branches, and put red heart balloons all around the court with messages on them. It felt like a real wedding, but everyone was laughing cause the situation was too funny. We celebrated with a dance reception after, and had a lot of fun. These are the kind of moments I will cherish forever, because they are the most unique ones. IMG_2228.JPG